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 Perreault's Prime Time Ice Fishing

Our 2, 4 & 6 person ice bungalows are fully insulated and equipped for all your needs.


🐟 Propane furnace 

🐟 Propane barbecue

🐟 Propane cook top stove

🐟 LED Solar panel lights and fan

🐟 USB outlets
🐟 Pots, pans, & cooking utensils

🐟 Eating utensils

🐟 Paper plates, solo cups, coffee cups

🐟 Paper towel, toilet paper

🐟 Heavy duty garbage bags

🐟 Washroom waste bags

🐟 Dish Soap, hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes

🐟 Private insulated outdoor washroom

🐟 Bunk beds with foam mattress

🐟 Carbon monoxide detectors

🐟 Fire Extinguisher

🐟 Score Board

🐟 Table & chairs
🐟 Drilled holes inside & out upon request
🐟 Ice scoop, bucket & ice chisel

What to bring:
🐟 Fishing Licence

🐟 Fishing equipment

🐟 Live bait ("Billy Bob's Bait & Tackle")

🐟 Sleeping bag, blanket & pillow

🐟 Dish cloth & dish towel

🐟 Cooler, Food & Beverages

🐟 Foil cooking containers 

🐟 Food storage containers

🐟 Lawn chairs (for outdoor sitting) 

🐟 Warm clothes (-30 to -40's on some nights)
🐟 Boots and woollen socks

🐟 Hot Paws
🐟 Flashlight, headlamp 
🐟 Lighter and Matches

🐟 First Aid Kit, floating rope/ice pics 

🐟 Your SMILE :)

NOTE: Extra bait and/or supplies can be picked up on land & brought out to your ice bungalow for you if needed ONCE a day when we do our daily errands. 

Transportation to and from Ice Bungalows or Day Huts is provided in an enclosed 5 x 10 passenger sleigh. You also have the option to use your own motorized equipment such as atv, side-by-side, snowmobile, or vehicle howerver, please remember that this is at your own discretion and risk.


*** Due to the ice conditions being inconsistent for the 2024 Ice Fishing Season, we ask that you do not bring out any motorized vehicles of any sort in or around the village due to the added weight for everyone's safety. ***

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