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Perreault's Prime Time Ice Fishing

Our 2, 4 & 6 person ice bungalows are fully insulated and equipped for all your needs.


🐟 Propane furnace & lights

🐟 Propane barbecue

🐟 Propane cooktop stove
🐟 Pots, pans, & cooking utensils

🐟 Private washroom

🐟 Bunk beds with foam mattress

🐟 Table & chairs
🐟 Drilled holes inside & out
🐟 Ice scoop & chisel

What to bring:
🐟 Fishing Licence

🐟 Fishing rod and line

🐟 Fishing equipment

🐟 Bait (2 bait shops close by)
🐟 Linens (sleeping bag/pillow)
🐟 Paper towel
🐟 Foods/Drinks
🐟 Warm clothes
🐟 Boots
🐟 Flashlight
🐟 Lighter/Matches
(Extra bait and supplies can be picked up for you if needed).

Transportation to and from Ice Bungalows or Day Huts is provided in an enclosed 5 x 8 sleigh. You also have the option to use your own vehicle or snowmobile, but please remember that this is at your own discretion and risk..

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